The MIT Cheerleading team currently has 2 amazing coaches, Marilyn Fontaine and Kelly Brock!
If you're interested in coaching the MIT Cheerleading team, feel free to reach out to and we can give you more information!

Coach: Marilyn Fontaine

Meet our amazing head coach, Marilyn Fontaine!

Marilyn currently works at Boston Biomedical Inc and volunteers to coach the team.

She has formerly cheered up north at McGill University in Canada, as well as on an all star team right here in Massachusetts! Check out a video of her performing here.

When not working or coaching the MIT Cheerleading Team, Marilyn spends her Caturdays with her super cute cats!

Coach: Kelly Brock

Meet our other awesome coach, Dr. Kelly Brock!

Kelly has recently received her PhD from MIT and is currently conducting research here!

She is also an alumni of the MIT Cheerleading team, having cheered on it herself up until 2014. Check out some photos of the team from when she was on it in the gallery section!

When she's not researching or coaching the MIT Cheerleading Team, Kelly spends her free time doing a whole assortment of cool activities, from studying beer brewing to axe throwing!