Our Captains!

Meet our lovely captains, Tori Finney and Jasmin Miguel!

Tori is a 2018 studying Biology and Computer Science!

Jasmin is a 2019 studying Electircal Engineering and Computer Science!

Our captains are in charge of helping with the running of practices, as well as planning, organizing, and executing team events.

Our Treasurer!

Meet our awesome treasurer, Jacob Swiezy!

Jacob is a 2019 studying Aerospace Engineering and Astrophysics!

Our treasurer is in charge of helping with organizing fundraising events, monitoring the status of club accounts, filing for funding with appropriate governing bodies, and authorizing all payments.

Our Social Media Manager!

Meet our amazing social media manager, Aubrey Gavin!

Aubrey is a 2019 studying Brain and Cognitive Sciences as well as Computer Science!

Our social media manager runs this website! They also run all of our social media accounts and publicize our events!

Our Fundraising Chair!

Meet our wonderful fundraising chair, Hanna Tseng!

Hanna is a 2019 studying Biological Engineering!

Our fundraising chair is the primary organizer of all fundraising events!